Consultancy services

European funding

European Union's robust support to rejuvenate economies hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, we now face transformative shifts in energy, green transitions, digitalization, and cybersecurity. Matters of energy security and essential self-sufficiency are moving from newspaper headlines to concrete programmatic frameworks issued by the European Commission.

The upcoming period will be very dynamic and will require much more readiness for the project implementation in order to obtain European funding, while ensuring that all investment plans are in line with European policies. Moreover, a significant part of the funding will not actually go to Member States, but directly to the private sector and businesses. At the same time, this is likely to be the last large-scale opportunity of to ensure European funding for the projects in this scope and in so many areas.

Embrace this period as an opportunity for your strategic modernisation. We will ensure your institutional readiness for:

✔ Receiving funds and the alignment of your business intentions together with European policies.

✔ We will also prepare a comprehensive vision and strategy for your potential use of European funding, and guide you through the whole process.

European Relations

The European Union and its institutions function as a very specific and complex set of relations and processes – starting from the adoption of European legislation, through formal procedures in front of European institutions and up to the decision-making on specific issues. All of this is always framed by the enforcement of unified European policies. We are well versed in these processes.

With many years of practical experience as well as administrative and representational background in the heart of Brussels, we will provide you with a direct link to EU institutions and guide you through the complex web of relationships and processes.

Your very own European Strategy

European politics affects us in the Czech Republic more than we realise. While awareness of EU activities in the Czech Republic is steadily declining, the regulatory activity of European institutions and European policies is increasing and is affecting more and more aspects in our everyday life and activities. This even includes those activities, that haven’t yet been subjected to European regulation. Thus, these regulations can fundamentally affect the business environment in the Czech Republic.

A significant accelerator of these changes is the adoption of the so-called European Green Deal. If we do not interpret it the right way and adapt it to Czech conditions correctly, together with rational approachand as unique opportunity to fundamentally modernise our economy, it could end up fatally for us.

With us, you will be prepared for these changes and you will be able to use them to your advantage. We will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of any relevant opportunities and risks and prepare you for the coming changes that this period brings, including conducting a green audit, economic transformation and preparations for any eventual problems.

Communication & PR

Adapt your media and PR communication to match the goals and nuances of your projects, recognizing it as a cornerstone of the initiative. Communication with key stakeholders, investors, and partners is paramount to the success of your venture.

We pinpoint pivotal communication topics, tracking influential figures in your industry. We devise a bespoke long-term communication strategy that fits within your broader objectives. By liaising with select media, preparing polished outputs, and designing crisis communication plans, we ensure your message resonates.

Media Monitoring

Employing advanced tools, we gather media content from both Czech and international sources. Our strategies include a meticulous and ongoing audit of all media coverage pertaining to your project. We evaluate and fine-tune your communication strategy using this data, ensuring alignment with your goals.

Media Analyses

Media monitoring, though comprehensive, might miss certain subtleties essential for strategic adjustments. We provide contextual analysis, unveiling how your project is perceived in public discourse, identifying primary communicators, and highlighting the dominant narratives during the monitored period. Each analysis concludes with bespoke recommendations to refine your communication strategy.

Media Coaching

Preparing for a significant media appearance on TV, radio, or podcasts? We offer coaching in both verbal and non-verbal communication techniques. Our preparation extends beyond rhetoric to encompass content, equipping you with a tailored Q&A for your specific topic, and shaping your overall communication style for maximum impact.